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Rifle Slide™ RFID Gun Box

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Have your gun quickly and reliably accessible while ensuring it won't get into the wrong hands.

You are a Force for Good who embraces the responsibility of keeping your family and others safe. This is why you already do everything possible to balance protecting your guns from unauthorized access with maintaining them immediately accessible to you if needed.

Getting this balance right is inherently difficult. It can even seem like an impossible task when most approaches either fail to provide you with the level of security or the speed and reliability of access needed.

We believe no one should have to live in fear by having to choose between being able to protect their family and worrying about a child or intruder getting to their gun. Your family deserves to be safe, and you deserve to rest easy knowing that they are.

As parents, we've been there. In fact, this is why we created the Rifle Slide™. Our team has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rapidly accessible gun storage products for police, military, and elite special operations units. Tanosteel was born from the desire to use this experience to serve everyday Protectors like You.

You can use your Rifle Slide™ to transport a gun under the seat of a pickup truck, on the trunk lid of a sedan, in the back of an SUV, or to store a gun under a bed, or any other place of your choosing. To switch, all you need are different mounting brackets! Order today and you can rest easy knowing your gun is protected from unauthorized access, yet immediately accessible to you without having to fumble with keys, pin codes, or fingerprint scans thanks to the included RapidRing™.

So what's included with my order? 
  • 1 Rifle Slide™ RFID Gun Box
  • 1 Padded Removable Gun Bag
  • 1 Set of Mounting Brackets
  • 1 Set of Mounting Hardware
  • 1 RFID Enabled RapidRing™
  • 2 RFID Enabled Key Fobs
  • 2 RFID Decals
  • 2 Keys
  • Free Shipping
Your path to success is simple:
  1. Select your mounting location and ring size.
  2. Install your Rifle Slide™ using your chosen mounting brackets and hardware.
  3. Rest easy knowing your family is safe.

Patents Pending

If you have a custom application in mind or have any questions at all, please contact us so we may help! 

Sold Out - Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about the next limited release! 

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