The 5 coolest Father’s Day gifts you could buy for a gun guy for less than $25!

Please don’t let the low prices fool you! These are all high-quality items that I found through years of trial and error. I own and use all five of these tools daily and promise that your special someone will too!

1) A 35 lbs Gun Magnet by - $13.99

Gun enthusiasts love guns and gun stuff—duh! A cool accessory that he can use no matter what kind of guns he has is a gun magnet. Help your gun guy create a James Bond-style hidden gun compartment without drilling holes into your favorite coffee table! If you really want to make him smile, give him the works with our Father's Day Gift Pack and also send him this link to Kevin Hart’s hilarious bit on gun compartments!

2) A Cold Steel Safe Maker II - $23.99

Gun guys are also knife guys and they know that folding knives are not the best choice for self-defense. The problem is that most fixed blade knives are a chore to carry every day. These little push daggers by Cold Steel are easy to carry and should cost way more than they do. They are well made, come with a great sheath, and can clip on dad's belt as is.

3) An UltiClip Slim 2.2 - $11.99

If your gun guy already has more gear than the average military surplus store, he probably doesn't need any more stuff. What he does need is something that allows him to make better use of his tools. That’s what the UltiClip is great at! He can use these to carry and organize his gear better. I use mine every day to secure my push dagger to my belt line. 

4) A Coast HP1 Flashlight - $9.80

Like many fellow gun guys, I own more flashlights than I dare admit considering my wife will see this post. Many of these lights set me back hundreds of dollars. Still, the flashlight that I use the most is this amazing little utility light from Coast. Even with constant use, this little thing works for months at a time on a single AA battery. You can not buy too many of these! Don't hesitate to get one for every vehicle, cabinet, drawer, and backpack in your household 😊

5) A Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Pen - $7.20

Most gun guys are also into tactical pens. The thing is, most tactical pens are kind of expensive and look way too much like some weird ninja weapon to go unnoticed in non-permissive environments. That’s where these stainless-steel Zebra pens come in! They’re really rugged, yet look and function just like any normal pen, which means they can help Dad protect himself and others absolutely anywhere his travels take him!


I really hope this post helped you with your Father's Day shopping! If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you 😊

Author - David Tanos

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