Some personal thoughts on Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day, and even with all the craziness we're experiencing due to Corona, many of us are getting ready to fire up the grill and enjoy the company of our loved ones.
It's easy to forget that this beautiful day we share in peace has been purchased for us by some of the most noble, selfless and brave men and women the world has ever seen, from those who gave their lives to defend our nation, all the way back to those who gave their lives to establish it in the first place.
As we enjoy this day, I think it's important to both honor the lives of each and every fallen Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and Coastguardsman, and to also fully appreciate how good we have it in our great nation thanks to these men and women who laid down their lives so we could be here as we are.
Later today, as I stand by the grill watching my kids running around the yard, I will consciously remind myself to appreciate that moment in light of the infinite price paid by GREAT men and women like my late friend Jimmy Casadona. Thank You Jimmy, I love and appreciate you and continue to look up to you every day.
I wish that all of us may enjoy at least one moment today in full awareness and appreciation of the gift that it is.

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